Aims & Objective

- To establish a center of excellence in Haj-bid-Tadbeer especially Al-Hijamah (Cupping Therapy).

- To open/establish centers of similar interest in Aligarh & elsewhere.

- To provide care and cure for humanity by Haj-bid-Tadbeer.

- To organize National conferences, seminars, meetings on the subject of the society.

- To exchange ideas, thoughts & publications in the field of Jaj-bid-Tadbeer with other like minded persons, societies & institutes.

- To collaborate researchers working in the field of Haj-bid-Tadbeer, working in schools of medicine, medical colleges, Unani & Ayurvedic Colleges & Institutes.

- To assist & apply for grant-in-aid for the progress & propagation of Hijamah with & from govt. / private institutes and govt. agencies.

- To publish print material either in the form of newsletter & journal in the field of Hijamah or Haj-bid-Tadbeer.

- To maintain a library / seminar room in the field of Hijamah / Haj-bid-Tadbeer.